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Independent consultant supporting companies large and small.

Looking to expand the global understanding of encroachment, taking internal examination of companies helping solve internal space management in line with location.

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  • 25yrs with MoD,

    in land, property and Airfield Management.

  • Managed Airfield projects,

    including New Operational Mission conception, approval, delivery. Construction projects, from Terminals to Control towers.

  • Community engagement,

    Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae.

  • Military and Civilian Encroachment,

    management process across multiply location globally.

  • Supported companies,

    entering the government contract arena, with great success.

  • Identified space saving initiatives for companies,

    with relationship relocations helping company efficiencies driving cost savings.


What Others Say About Me. . .

UK International Affairs Under Sec Defence:
"While working in the UK representing US Forces interests to the Ministry of Defence, I was often called upon for advice on estate management issues that was not resident in my organization. My first call in these instances was always to Howard, as I knew he could be counted upon for a well-researched and factual response."

Wing Commander:
"Howard was respected as the resident expert in estate planning. His attention to detail, knowledge of regulations and ability to explain complex topics clearly are all top-notch. I trusted Howard...and he delivered!"

Company CEO:
"Howard's professionalism and client management skills developed key relationships for the Company. As a project manager overseeing multiple projects, Howard demonstrated leadership capabilitie."

J.Partridge MD of Lee Green Glazing:
"Options that HRudkin Consulting offered allowed LGG to explore and succeed in the public contract arena. The opportunities are varied by location and value allowing us to target by location or value. I would recommend contacting HRudkinconsulting to discuss options that are open to you. Excellent value for money"

H Rudkin Consulting

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After many years of planning in the aviation industry, keys are having been safeguarding, noise, stakeholder engagement.

Globally stakeholders are now looking at the industry to become a Sustainable partner across the world. Many governments are driving these key areas, working to get the industry communicating all the great effort that each section is achieving.

Working with airports and organisation my team are able to use the Encroachment process and highlight internal and external encroachments that are, could be or will in the future impact the company.

Note many companies can not see the wood for the trees, is the issue as an encroachment. Reviewing the major areas of Encroachment but not limiting the survey to those key areas allowing a unique report related to company location and operation being surveyed.

Remember Encroachment can be positive as well as negative, management of these is key.

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Location, Location, Location we have all heard that saying, thanks to certain TV program. Have you ever considered your location, your companies office requirements by location, also internal office requirements?

Space management is just small part, but the location of the office space can be key to your clients, staff and your sustainability.

How did you get the location you're in now, common responses that are commonly heard, "That's where we have always been!" "Company has always been here".

Now the second part that then comes into play is the office layout, internal relationships, office management, internal space management. Just one food for thought item, take look at your Conference Room use?

Thinking about those points raised above and they make you think, we could do better, I am standing by to explain the process and options that are open to you as a company large or small to optimise your organisation location and space.

I am able to provide many options that will help you save money, providing a full-scale company sustainment survey with floor plans, Client surveys, community impact, future planning support best use of the environment you are operating.

I can help you with...

Government Contract

Government, Public Contract Search Program

Have you ever wondered how to get access to government contracts?

Many public contracts are not even considered by local companies that are open to the community, due to the perceived effort of applying for these great opportunities and it a "closed" shop attitude.

If you have service the government requires it, let HRudkin Consulting guide you over the process and if required support you in the application process.

We will provide a selection of contracts that meet the clients agreed parameters. "Key" words, and location search, for the agreed rolling monthly timeline or one-off searchers as required.

Options for you the client, we can support you to whatever level you require,in all cases the client will need to complete the pricing portion.

Supply options
Supply and Submit
Supply, Complete and submit

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Office Requirements

Take a look around your office, if you are the Manager, Director, CEO are you, your staff located in the optimal location within the office?

Is office design layout providing you value for money, have you taken into consideration space management, utilization rates of your office environment.

Hot desking, home working, conference rooms space management.

Please feel free to get in touch, we have ways to make the layout of the office, conference & training room options that will save you money and, in some cases, even making a profit.

Give me an hour and I promise I will leave you with thoughts to challenge your company ethos!


I'm here to help you, so feel free to Contact Me.

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